St. Agnes-St. Dominic Celebrates 8th Grade Graduates

St. Agnes-St. Dominic Celebrates 8th Grade Graduates

22 May, 2019

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We celebrated our St. Agnes and St. Dominic 8th graders as they marked the end of their lower school years. The class of 2019 has worked hard to achieve much in all areas of school life: academics, athletics, arts and service. We look forward to watching them as they pursue their talents in high school and the years to come. 

St. Agnes Academy:

Top Academic Honors

First Honors: Anna Heck

Second Honors: Caroline Weems

Third Honors: Madelyn Wallcae


Scholarship Awards

St. Agnes Academy awards academic scholarships to students who distinguish themselves on the High School Placement Test (HSPT), which is a national entrance exam used in the Diocese of Memphis. The following students were awarded scholarships to the St. Agnes Academy Upper School:

Paige Jerit earned an HSPT scholarshp which is awarded to the student scoring in the top 15% of test takers.

Sophia VanHorn received an Honors Scholarship, which is awarded to a student who scores in the top 10% on the High School Placement Test.

Caroline Weems and Meredith Thompson were awarded the Presidential Scholarship, which is presented to students who score in the top 5% on the High School Placement  Test.

Anna Heck received the Sister Anne Raymond Scholarship, which is awarded to the student who receives the top score of all test takers on the HSPT, and she also received the Merit Scholarship for earning the highest score on the HSPT among the SAA Class of 2019.

Grace Rushing was award the Walsh Scholarship, which is presented to an incoming freshman who excels in music, displays exceptional talent and has a desire to further her talents.

Outstanding Service Medal: Sophia VanHorn

Dominican Spirit Award:  Ellie Schubert              

Dean’s Award: Sophia VanHorn

Achievement Award:Megan Norsworthy, Madelyn Wallace and Caroline Weems

President’s ACHIEVEMENT Awards(GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 for Jr. High): Jaila Hampton and Alyssa King

President’s ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Awards (GPA of 3.5 or above for Jr. High):  Melia Bishop, Benton Bounds, Alex Clark, Anna Heck, Sofia Hilton, Paige Jerit, Eden Johnson, Megan Norsworthy, Abi Pahls, Ellie Schubert, Olivia Sicuro, Meredith Thompson, Sophia VanHorn, Madelyn Wallace and Caroline Weems

Michelle Sting Award:  Melia Bishop

STAR Awards:  Abbi Pahls, Melia Bishop and Paige Jerit

School Spirit Award: Alyssa King

The Fellowship Award: Olivia Sicuro

The Outstanding StudentAward:  Anna Heck


St. Dominic School: 

Top Academic Honors

First Honors: Grayson Sellers

Second Honors: Walker Henderson

Third Honors: Joshua Sellers

Scholarship Awards

The De La Salle Scholars Program at Christian Brothers High School gathers a community of the most gifted and dedicated students based on academic record and results of the High School Placement Test.  These students hold each other to the highest standards of academic achievement and leadership.  The following St. Dominic graduates were named as De LaSalle Scholars:  Walker Henderson, Francis Ozua, Eddie Perez, Henry Pietrangelo, Grayson Sellers, Josh Sellers, and Jude Soefker.

Presidential Scholarships for outstanding performance on the High School Placement Test were awarded to the following: Walker Henderson, Francis Ozua and Grayson Sellers

Outstanding Service Award: Jacob Clark

Dominican Spirit Award: Patrick Scarborough and Walker Henderson

Outstanding Student Government Member: Henry Pietrangelo

Dean’s Award: Eddie Perez

Achievement Awards: Francis Ozua, Patrick Scarborough, Jude Soefker, Houston McIngvale and Josh Sellers

President's Award for Educational Achievement(GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 in Jr. High):  John Barnett, Caleb Caraway, Jacob Frazier, Brennen Geiger, Jack McLaughlin, Sebastian Murray, Johnathan Palazola, Patrick Scarborough, Henley Wright

President's Award for Educational Excellence (GPA of 3.5 or above in Jr. High):  Jacob Clark, Ryan Hall, Walker Henderson, Houston McIngvale, Francis Ozua, Jack Pender, Eddie Perez, Henry Pietrangelo, Grayson Sellers, Josh Sellers, Jude Soefker

Michelle Sting Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts:  Walker Henderson

Sun Awards:  Jack McLaughlin, Jude Soefker, Eddie Perez, John Barnett and Jack Pender

St. Dominic School Spirit Award: Jacob Clark

The Fellowship Award: Kent Dinh and Francis Ozua

Outstanding Student Award: Walker Henderson





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