Kindergarten Virtual Adventure in the Woods

Kindergarten Virtual Adventure in the Woods

26 Apr, 2020

One of the highlights of the year in the St. Dominic Kindergarten class is the annual spring Day in the Woods. The boys take learning outside the classroom and spend the day exploring the woods and trails at Shelby Farms, learning about animals all around them. While the class couldn’t go on this adventure together this spring as planned, Mrs. Mungle decided to bring the outdoor lesson to the boys. 

Mrs. Mungle and her daughters ventured out to Shelby Farms where they Zoomed with the class. The main focus of the day was looking for animal habitats.  Mrs. Mungle held a class on the trails and in the woods and went on a hike and a scavenger hunt.  The boys followed along with a scavenger hunt list they could use at home.  They successfully found most of the items on the list, along with some other interesting items and creatures that nature has to offer including a tree stump cut  by a beaver, huge ant hills, and tree limbs and branches that resemble letters. Even remotely it was a day of adventure and learning for our St. Dominic Suns! 

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