Artists Earn High Honors at Student Scholastic Exhibition

Artists Earn High Honors at Student Scholastic Exhibition

27 Jan, 2020

St. Agnes artists were honored for their talents in the annual Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards.  St. Agnes Upper School students received 19 awards this year including seven Gold Keys. All artwork earning Gold Key recognition at the local level will advance to the National Scholastic Competition for judging in New York.

The Scholastic Art Awards is an annual juried student art exhibition presented by the Brooks Museum League and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. It is an affiliate of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers.  Our local exhibition recognizes outstanding achievements of students in grades 7 through 12.  The artwork will be on display at the Brooks Museum of Art January 25-February 23. Additionally several pieces will later be displayed at the Pinnacle Bank Exhibition.


SA12Haley Andre -2 Gold Keys, 1 Silver Key; Ruth Ellen Berry -  4 Gold Keys, 1 Silver Key, 2 Honorable Mentions; Anna Grace Palmer– 1 Silver Key; Nell Rainer– 1 Honorable Mention; Eliza White– 1 Honorable Mention

SA11:Dylan Smarra - 1 Honorable Mention; Yesenia Villa– 1 Gold Key, 1 Honorable Mention

SA10: Grace Cestaro– 1 Honorable Mention; Maren Hines– 1 Honorable Mention; Lily Hydrick– 1 Honorable Mention


2020271211821Haley-Andre-The-Memories-Never-Crumble-Gold-Key.jpg (324 KB)


2020271211653Dylan-Smarra-Old-Blue-Honorable-Mention.jpg (25 KB)


2020271211653Eliza-White-Slip-N-Slide-Honorable-Mention.jpg (37 KB)

2020271211653Grace-Cestaro-Sag-Harbour-Honorable-Mention.jpg (60 KB)

2020271211653Haley-Andre-An-Artists-Weapons-Silver-Key.JPG (245 KB)

2020271211653Nell-Rainer-The-Bear-Honorable-Mention.jpg (64 KB)

2020271211726Anna-Grace-Palmer-Freedom-Fighter-Silver-Key.jpg (21 KB)

2020271211726Ruth-Ellen-Berry-Metamorphosis-Gold-Key.JPG (216 KB)

2020271211726Ruth-Ellen-Berry-Standing-Swing-Gold-Key.jpg (34 KB)

2020271211726Yesenia-Villa-Simpler-Times-Honorable-Mention.jpg (27 KB)

2020271211752Maren-Hines-Mornings-On-The-Porch-Honorable-Mention.jpg (51 KB)

2020271211752Ruth-Ellen-Berry-Art-Portfolio-A-Study-of-Portraits-and-Distortion-Gold-Key.jpg (26 KB)

2020271211752Ruth-Ellen-Berry-Beach-Hair-Honorable-Mention.jpeg (360 KB)

2020271211752Ruth-Ellen-Berry-Glassy-Honorable-Mention.jpg (27 KB)


2020271215041Haley-Andre-Picky-Eater-Gold-Key.jpg (301 KB)

2020271215041Lily-Hydrick-Spoonful-of-Ribbon-Honorable-Mention.jpg (128 KB)

2020271215041Yesenia-Villa-Weary-Cat-Gold-Key.jpg (285 KB)

2020271215040Ruth-Ellen-Berry-Fruit-Soup-Silver-Key.jpg (50 KB)

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