Geography Bee Champs!

Geography Bee Champs!

20 Jan, 2020

Why does the International Date Line make several zig-zags instead of following a straight line? The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers have their sources in which Mediterranean country? Our amazing St. Agnes and St. Dominic students had no trouble answering questions like these during the recent Geography Bee! Congratulations to our champions Olivia Evans SA5 and Hunter Tice SD8 and our runners-up  Sydney Murray and Duncan Soldan SD5.

Our champions will now take a placement test online to qualify to advance to the State Geography Bee.

Students were selected to participate through a preliminary test that they took in social studies. The test was provided by National Geographic Geography Bee. Thank you to all our Stars and Suns who participated! 


2020211052323DSC-1793.jpg (976 KB)

2020211052517Hunter-Tice-Winner.jpg (76 KB)

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