ECC Celebrates Las Posadas

ECC Celebrates Las Posadas

03 Dec, 2019

Our Littlest Stars and Suns are celebrating Las Posadas, an advent tradition in which participants reenact the journey of Mary and Joseph and their search for shelter in Bethlehem. Las Posadas involves prayer, a procession with singing, and special food and drink.

This year, our PK and JK students are participating in Las Posadas in anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Jesus. During their weekly Atrium time, each class has its own procession, representing Mary and Joseph as they knock on the doors of ECC classrooms searching for shelter. Their procession ends as the students are welcomed into the Atrium where they close with prayer and song and a special posada snack.

To learn more about the tradition of Las Posadas, click here. 


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