Empowered to Lead

Empowered to Lead

10 Oct, 2019

The St. Agnes Academy freshman class headed to Pinecrest Retreat Center recently for a day full of team-building tasks. Their focus for the day was leadership, empathy, teamwork, and fun. No phones or laptops, just blue skies, pine trees, teachers, and friends. The freshmen navigated six stations of challenging "missions" under the guidance of St. Agnes student leaders who had attended the 2nd Annual Leadership Retreat this summer with Dr. Lovelace. We want to give a special thank you to the  Director of Pinecrest, St. Agnes Academy alumna, Lucy Goode Cummings '79.
At St. Agnes we are focused on helping a new generation of learners develop the leadership skills needed for the challenges that they will face in a world where they are connected through technology and more globally aware and involved. All students take “Freshman Leadership,” which serves as a foundational course, enabling them to better serve and lead in areas they feel passionate about. Click to learn more about Leadership Curriculum. 
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